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About Us

Intimate Life Ministries

Intimate Life Ministries is a non-profit ministry that is committed to providing printed resources and relationship training for its network of partners within the United States and around the world.

Intimate Life Ministries began over 20 years ago with a single focus: To live out one particular passage of Scripture: "Let the one who is taught the Word, share all good things with those who teach." Gal. 6:6. It was out of this "sharing good things" mindset, that all other aspects of Intimate Life Ministries were born.
Intimate Life's network of partners consists of:
  • 25 denominational partners (representing 10 different denominations)
  • Over 40,000 individual churches
  • 5 unique para-church ministries
  • 3 businesses (local and multi-state corporations)
  • Over 6,000 community leaders and individual consumers
  • Over 30 professional counselors in private practice
These partnerships represent what we call: The Great Commandment Network

Great Commandment Network

The Great Commandment Network is served by Intimate Life Ministries in the following ways:

• Resource Development– Utilizing digital, print and media platforms to provide process-driven resources fora lifelong journey of intentional, spiritual formation in Great Commandment/ Great Commission living with marriage, family and community. 

• Training Opportunities – Through live, on-line and digital platforms that equip leaders in the experiential and transformative message of Great Commandment/ Great Commission living as applied in the faith community, marketplace and counseling/ care-giving fields. 

Leader Care – As a continuum of support is developed and delivered to affirm a a leader's value, equip them in living intimately with Jesus and lovingly with those around them. Key strategies include mobile resources, online training courses, and gifted, Galatians 6:6 retreats for couples that provide personal renewal and reestablishing of family priorities. Co-sponsoring partners provide all meals and accommodations as a gifted investment in network leaders.

 Discipleship – Research and development focused on the contagious, multiplying impact of true Great Commandment/ Great Commission living where:
    -Encounters with Jesus, experiencing Scripture and engagement in authentic community bring transformation. 

    -Concentric circles of discipleship focus on intimacy with Jesus, marriage oneness, parents' discipleship of their children and Kingdom impact in community and culture. 

    -A process is developed for exploring, embracing, experiencing and expressing the life and love of Jesus.
      • Community Impact – Strategies focused on Relational Values initiatives for a healthy civil society through strengthening relationships, enhancing marriage and family, promoting relational wellness in the marketplace, relational skills training for children and youth and extending caring relational impact through compassion and justice. 

      • Marketplace Training – Strategies through the Center for Relational Leadership which draw upon "Created to Relate" principles and marketplace research to equip leaders in a leadership legacy journey of doing "Business as Unusual." This model of 4G Leadership -- Grow Yourself, Grow Others, Grow the Organization, and Grow Legacy positively impacts productivity, loyalty and ultimately an organization's ability to deliver an exceptional customer experience. 

      The Great Commandment Network also serves alongside the Center for Relational Care (CRC):
        The Center for Relational Care provides counseling and support to relationships in crisis through an accelerated process of growth and healing, including Relational Care Intensives for couples, families, and singles. The CRC also offers training for counselors and caregivers through More than Counseling seminars and in partnership with the Great Commandment Network, offers Intimacy Institutes and training in Intimacy Therapy. 

        For more information on how you, your organization or community might take advantage of the services and resources of the Great Commandment Network Click Here.