Intimacy Therapy

Center for Relational Care (CRC)

We all have a God-given need for relationships with God and others. The CRC Intimacy Therapy model can help you identify and address obstacles to relational connection and provide skills for communicating heart-to-heart in the context of any human relationship.
The CRC provides a safe, supportive environment where God’s processes for healing hurts, resolving conflicts, and alleviating fear can be applied to help both partners restore trust and overcome unhealthy thinking or behaviors.
The CRC provides family counseling that builds connection between parent and child, using modalities such as play therapy and sandtray therapy.
For individuals, couples, or families, our biblically-based therapeutic approach provides a supportive environment in which to deepen your relationship with God.

Be a part of the Intimacy Therapy track at our quarterly Institute Trainings

Join us for our quarterly Institute Trainings in Intimacy Therapy. As a part of this training you will develop adequacy in how to apply this Theo-Centric Counseling model to a variety of client/coaching settings with individuals, couples, families and teams. 

Follow the link below to learn more and see how you could attend.

14 Principles of Intimacy Therapy

Free downloadable resource outlining the 14 Principles of Intimacy Therapy.

Created to Relate

An Intimacy Therapy Perspective on Improved Well-being Across Various Settings and Cultures

Resources for Therapy and Emotional Wholeness

Relational First Aid

In a world where love is growing cold, hurting people are searching for someone who care... Relational First Aid is preparing you to become a good Samaritan. You may be a lay person whom God has led to be involved in reaching out to hurting people in our world. You may be a minister guiding, leading, and equipping a congregation to become a community to help people in pain.  This resource is designed to enhance your current insights and skills and to challenge you to employ a biblically based, theocentric model for counseling and caregiving.

Intimate Encounters

A tried-and-tested program for discovering the secrets of a really great marriage. This resource offers something for every marriage.  Whether you want to prepare for marriage, improve a good marriage, or rebuild a troubled relationship, Intimate Encounters gives you the tools you need to find the closeness you desire.

Emotional Fitness

This workbook presents a practical, biblical perspective on human emotionality. It discusses the primary painful emotions (hurt, anger, fear, guilt, condemnation and stress) of your “emotional cup” and then leads you through biblical antidotes for how to resolve those emotions. 

This resource helps the reader address painful emotions through the context of a loving relationship with God and other people. 

Top 10 Relational Needs

In this resource, you’ll learn about the most important intimacy needs and how they can be met. You’ll learn what it sounds like to meet the need of attention, what it looks like to show support and how impacting it can be when we meet the need of comfort. You’ll learn how God has met these needs for each of us and then discover the rich potential of relationships when we meet these same needs in the lives of one another. At the end of each chapter you will find discussion questions and suggestions for practical application – ideas which can enhance any friendship, marriage or family.