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More than Married! Workshop

What is it:

A More than Married! Workshop is a marriage enrichment event using Intimate Encounters material. Participants will learn how to identify relationship needs such as attention, affection, and respect; learn to emotionally care for one another; strengthen oneness in spirit, soul, and body; resolve painful emotions such as hurt, anger, guilt, and communicate honeslty and lovingly. Experience the marriage you've always wanted!

Benefits of Hosting

  • Marriage strengthing and enrichment
  • Encouragement for attendees to become integral members of the relationship building ministries within your church and in the community
  • Assistance from Intimate Life Ministries trainer in mobilizing efforts to launch ongoing relationship ministry
  • Free resources to kickstart your relational ministry
  • Promotional materials
FREE: A complete Intimate Encounters Resource Kit for class, small groups, and outreach follow-up
$180 retail value

Who Should Attend

Engaged and pre-engaged couples who wish to prepare for marriage.
Lay couples and Chuch staff who desire to learn how to start and lead relational marriage ministry in their church.

What You Will Gain:

• Identify relationship needs such as attention, affection, and respect
• Emotionally care for each other
• Strengthen one-ness in spirit, soul and body
• Resolve painful emotions such as hurt, anger and guilt
• Leave behind hurts from family- of-origin so you are free to love your spouse
• Give and receive genuine appreciation
• Communicate honestly and lovingly

Workshop Schedule

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Saturday Only Workshop Schedule.pdf
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