31 Days of Prayer
For My Nation

Jesus is praying for our nation, will you join Him?

"Our problems are not simply political, their not simply sociological, but they are spiritual" – Ronnie Floyd  

A powerful 31 day devotional

  • Experience guided prayer points for our nation's unity and its leaders.
  • Pray for spiritual awakening in the church and your nation's global gospel witness.
  • Engage a Scripture-based prayer strategies for better loving the Lord, living His Word, loving people, and living His mission.
  • Declare Scriptures, prayers, and promises over your nation.

God has put you in this nation for a purpose. Support it through prayer and see the benefits in your own life.

Small Group Kit

"For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them " (Matthew 18:20).
Bring your passion for seeing God's Kingdom come here in our nation together with your friends. As a group, join the Lord as He prays for our nation and see the benefits in your own life!

What's included?

  • 8 copies of the book, 31 Days of Prayer For My Nation
  • 8 copies of the book, Praying For a Christ Awakening
  • 4 downloadable 31 Days of Prayer For My Nation Teaching Outlines built around the book's content
  • 1 downloadable Spirit-Empowered Faith set
    • A brochure explaining the Spirit-Empowered Faith content;
    • 40 outcomes of a Spirit-Empowered disciple of Jesus;
    • Self-Assessment tool to measure the 40 outcomes in your own life and those in your small group;
    • 12 teaching outlines on Spirit-Empowered Faith that can be used as sermon guides or leader notes

The Authors

Dave and Kim Butts
Frances Chan
Anthony Evans
Ronnie Floyd
Alton Garrison
Jonathan Graf
Kay Horner
Tony Perkins
Tom Phillips
Sammy Rodriguez
Oscar Thompson

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