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Communities are constantly changing—making it difficult  for church leaders to know their congregation and measure the effectiveness of their efforts. There are no standardized metrics across the landscape of the Church in America to measure what makes a church and its community healthy. 

But what if…

Churches were able to see into the elements that make them thrive and the areas where their people flourish? What if Networks had a standard metric to use to support every church and a common platform to support them?

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Networks utilize
Pastor Polls

Each week ministry leaders check-in with a simple, free poll designed to keep you connected with other leaders, see national norms and add your voice on current topics.

Pastors employ
Weekly Check-ins

Check in weekly to get a status report on how your people and leadership team are doing with their health, relationships, job, finances, and faith.

Discover Support

Discover community programs and services across the country that offer support. Add your programs to the interactive map and get discovered by community members in need.

You are a Network if…

  • You serve pastors, churches, districts, associations, para-church ministries, or relational networks.
  • You represent a denomination
  • You support a collection of community organizations.

How does this platform benefit my Network?

  • Easily know your pastors and their churches.
  • Support them with resources that matter now.
  • Equip them to be heroes in their community.

You are an Organization if…

  • You pastor a church.
  • You lead a local chapter of a network.
  • You run a community organization.

How does this platform benefit my Organization?

  • Get real-time data on how your members are doing.
  • Access a library of assessments developed by experts.
  • Understand the impact that family dynamics, finances, mental health, and spirituality have on your community through interactive maps.