Help your leaders flourish, organizations thrive, and transform communities.

The Barna/Gloo platform provides the insights for pastors and church leaders to know the people in their church and community, so that they can serve them in intentional and strategic ways.

Churches and Organizations knowing their people

  • Share your best resources for leaders, alongside curated offerings from other providers you trust.

  • Help your church find best-in-class resources that will help them solve their most pressing needs.

  • Empower your church to confidently take their right next steps.

Weekly Check-in Polls

• Consistent engagement with all the ministry leaders you serve, keeping you connected and giving you practical insights.

• Ministry leaders share same poll with their leadership teams.

• Filtered data rolls up helping you know where your leaders and their organizations are at.

• See national norms and add your voice on current topics.

Community Awareness and Engagement

  • Discover community programs and services across the country that offer support.

  • Add your programs to the interactive map.

  • Get discovered by community members in need.