Special Christmas Gift

All kids like a surprise

A family event…

This Christmas idea will bring a lot of joy as parents surprise their children with a unique gift. Here’s how it works:
  • Locate individual pictures of each of your children and frame them
  • Wrap the pictures just like you do other gifts, along with a note saying that children are a special gift
  • Make this special gift a mystery package, don’t indicate who it’s from or to
  • Complete your family Christmas gift-giving traditions but save the mystery gift as the last package to be opened
  • As the children’s curiosity increases, gather the children close and begin to unwrap the package, announcing that the mystery gift is for mom and dad
Your children will receive a special blessing as they finally realize that the gift
 is them! Then, share that, “The most special gift we could ever receive, we have already received…you!"

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