Conflict Resolution

How Do You Deal with Conflict?

Hurts are inevitable in all relationships. And oddly enough, we often hurt those we love the most. One obvious reason is that we spend more time with family members than we do others.

Has your family ever talked about how to handle those inevitable misunderstandings?

Do you have some established principles on how to deal with conflict among friends and loved ones?

Here are a few principles to get you started:

  • Commit to resolve personal anger
    • Never take it out on others
  • Consider the needs and feelings of others
    • Never selfishly focus on your own needs and feelings
  • Give thought and priority to others in the relationship
  • Apologize openly and forgive one another quickly
    • Never pretend to be perfect
  • Share your concerns and feelings directly
    • Never talk to one person about another
  • Address hurts and problems openly and in a timely manner
    • Never pretend they do not exist
  • Commit to personal responsibility and accountability
    • Never blame others for your inappropriate behavior
  • Be honest with emotions
    • Never use manipulations and guilt trips
  • Prioritize the people
    • Never prioritize the possessions, work, or projects

Discuss these and other principles for conflict resolution. Appoint a family member as “secretary” to write down the principles and review them on a regular basis.

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