Family Fun in the Sun

Experience 1 John 4:7 together

"Love one another for love is of God."

  • Start with a warm-up by getting a beach ball and sitting or standing in a circle. Throw the ball to one person in the circle. While they are holding the ball everyone else in the circle tells that person what they love about them. Then pass the ball to another person and repeat the process, making sure everyone gets a turn. Children might say something like:
    • I’m glad you’re my brother. I like hanging out together.
    • I like the way you always say just the right words when I am feeling down.
    • I love you because you help me take life less seriously.
    • I’m glad that we get to play on a team together. You’re a great leader.
    • I think you’re a great part of this family because you help me with my homework!

  • There’s Love In the Air: Same set up as game one but this time use a balloon and a circle of family or friends. Object of the game is to keep the balloon in the air, but you can’t hit the balloon until you say something you like/love/appreciate about someone else. If the balloon hits the floor because you couldn’t think of something fast enough, you sit down and wait for the next round to begin.

  • Knee Knockers: Take a ball (beach ball, softball, or balloon) and if you have enough people, break up into two teams for a relay race. If you don’t have enough people for two teams, race against the clock. Start the race by putting the ball between your knees and running/hopping a set distance and returning to the start line to hand off the ball to the next person—you’re not allowed to hold the ball with your hands while racing.

    After playing the game remind everyone that Jesus healed a man who was paralyzed and couldn’t use his legs. Because his friends loved him enough to carry him to Jesus, the man was healed.

    Ask each person to think about two or three people who might need help and could benefit from the love of a friend. Challenge everyone to think about how they might show God’s love to each person. For example:
    • I think my mom might need more of God’s love shown through me. I could do that by cleaning and helping put away the dishes after we eat.
    • I think my friend might need more of God’s love shown through me. He doesn’t know about God’s love and I could tell him!
    • I think my friend at school might need more of God’s love shown through me. I’ll sit with him at lunch.
    • I think my friend at school might need more of God’s love shown through me. I’ll make sure to stick up for her the next time other kids start teasing her.

Close this time of fun by thanking God for being the source of all this love!
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