Sizzling Ideas for Summer Romance

A Cambodian couple, a pair in Portugal, and a Tennessee twosome may seem very different, but they have at least TEN things in common! Each person and every couple has specific relationship needs. The secret to great relationships is learning how to meet these needs.
Here's a list of ten relationship needs and practical ways to meet them. Make it your goal to meet at least one need per week for your partner. By consistently giving to your partner in these ways, you' keep the sizzle in any relationship.

~ Just a friendly reminder: Focus on GIVING…not receiving. ~

  • Post a fun photo of your partner on social media. Write about what makes them one of a kind.

  • Text this to your partner: "I would never want to change you. I like you just the way you are because _____."

  • Ask your partner, "What's your favorite way to be kissed?" Then be sure to give those kisses!

  • Write your partner a love note. Send it in a special envelope or read it aloud on your next date night.

  • Make a list of twenty reasons why you'd rather be with your spouse than anyone else. Read it in front of your kids or your close friends.

  • Make lunch for your special someone. Leave a note in the bag that tells one of the things you admire most about them.

  • Leave post-it notes in unexpected places—the glove-box, bathroom mirror, their desk at work, etc. Try telling them things like: "I appreciate you because _____," and "I'm so thankful for the way you _____."

  • Send candy or flowers to your partner's work and include a thank you letter that describes how you appreciate the little things they do.

  • Devote a movie night entirely to watching all your partner's favorite movies.

  • Take an hour today to just listen to whatever they have to say. Let them tell you every detail of their day!

  • Ask your partner if there's anything that has caused him or her to feel disappointed or gloomy. Listen while they share—DON'T INTERRUPT!

  • Go Star-gazing. Grab a bunch of comfortable blankets, get cozy, and let your partner know they can openly share about any difficult times they may have experienced.

  • Think of your partner's goals. Together, register for a class that moves your spouse toward that goal.

  • Does your partner have a current goal or task they are working towards? Send them a "You can do it!" text.

  • Why are you better for knowing your partner? Take a long drive and find a scenic spot. Along the way, take the time to explain your answer to this question.

  • Recreate your first date. Share with your spouse what you first valued/respected about them during those earlier days.

  • Ask your spouse how you can make them feel less worried or anxious. Go out of your way to make this possible.

  • Make three promises to your partner this week and keep them!

  • Ask your partner what you could take off their plate today and do it!

  • Give your partner a night out with their friends. Watch the kids or take care of some of the household duties while they are out having fun.
After a few weeks of consistently giving to one another in these ways, watch how the sizzle is restored to your relationship. ENJOY THE ROMANCE!

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