Holy Communication

An Excerpt from Conversation with God by Brian T. Sutton
We might as well admit it: 
We often use prayer in our lives and in church as a tool from a tool bag. When we need God to do something for us, when we need something in ministry, when we desire to have something accomplished, we go to the spiritual tool bag because we know that prayer is what we should use. We pick up prayer, we pray the prayer, and then we put prayer back in the bag until we need it again. However, prayer is intended to be so much more than this!

What if prayer was not simply a vehicle to take us somewhere? What if prayer was not just a tool to get God to move when we wanted him to? What if we could participate in prayer in a completely different-and much more valuable-manner?

So often, we use prayer as a vehicle to get us to a desired destination.
We need provision, so we pray.
We need anointing, so we pray.
We need healing or deliverance or cleansing, so we pray.
What if prayer is not the vehicle that brings us to our destination?
What if prayer is the destination?

Prayer is not simply a step of the journey; prayer is the journey. When we realize this, we will understand prayer as a continual conversation with God.
Why don’t you take the next few moments and have a conversation with God?
  • Set aside time to be still before the Lord.
  • Focus your mind and heart on Jesus.
  • Let this be a moment of personal communication between you and the Savior.

Imagine the face of Jesus as He sits beside you.
With a tender voice and an outstretched hand, He makes a personal invitation just to you:
“Come to Me. I want to relate to you in prayer (see Matthew 11:28). I am available to you. I am accessible. I am within your reach. I long for closeness and communication with you. Pure and simple: I love you.”

Honor Jesus with the response of your heart.
Talk to Him with words like these:
Jesus, when I imagine hearing these words and how You long for me to join You in prayer, my heart is moved with _____ because _____.

Next, imagine that you join Jesus in praying to the Father.
Picture yourself kneeling beside the Savior, and together you express your gratitude for the privilege of prayer. Jesus reminds us that He and the Father are one; He is the perfect expression of our heavenly Father (see John 17:21). If you can talk to Jesus, you can pray to God. Honor the Father with these words of reverence.
Heavenly Father, I am grateful to be able to talk to You. When I imagine being able to communicate to the almighty God, I feel  _____ because  _____.
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