Memory Lane

Go ahead. Be brave. You can do it!

Pull out your old middle school or high school year book and invite the family to gather round.
  • Make a night of it, spend some time flipping through the pages and reminiscing. 
  • Laugh about the outdated clothing and hairstyles. 
  • Tell a few stories about the good old days.
  •  Let your children know about this part of you and how you really were a kid at one time.
  • Next, let your children read some of the notes that were written in your yearbook. These notes often reveal what other students thought of you. These inscriptions tell what others might have felt toward you during those awkward days of adolescence.

Read chapters 20 and 21 in the Gospel of John.

Ask your family to read and/or listen to the Scripture passage and think about how each character in the story might feel toward Jesus. How might Peter, Thomas, Mary, or John feel about their friendship with Jesus?
CONSIDER THIS: If Jesus had a yearbook full of memories from His days on earth, what messages might His friends have written? Peter might have apologized for denying Jesus, but thanked Him for His forgiveness. Thomas might have been embarrassed for not believing in Jesus’ resurrection, but he might have thanked Jesus for helping him believe.
Take a few moments to tell your children about the feelings you have about Jesus. Tell your children what you might write in a yearbook for Him.
Your words might begin like these:
  • Jesus, You have made a huge difference in my life because…
  • Jesus, I think you’re amazing because…
  • Jesus, we’ll always be friends because…
  • Jesus, You’ve always been there for me, like the time that…

After you have modeled these responses, ask every family member to take a turn telling what they might write in a yearbook for Jesus.

Remind your family that this is just a crazy way of living out a Bible verse! The Psalmist reminds us, “Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things he does for me” (Psalm 103:2). This family activity is just one way we can remember the good things Jesus has done for us.
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