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Called 2 Love Journey

The Called 2 Love Journey is an initiative of the Great Commandment Network to:

Renew Pastors
Recalibrate Churches
Restore Spirit-empowered Discipleship
Revitalize Communities

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How Does This Journey Work?

Called 2 Love

Comedy Date Nights

Called 2 Love Comedy Date Nights are evenings for you and your partner to take a break from the stress and responsibilities of life. They're a time to come laugh, meet new people, and grow closer in your relationship. We hope you'll come to know your partner better and leave the Date Night with tangible ways to love each other.

The nights are full of games, photo opportunities, laughter, and resources for strengthening your relationship. You'll also learn about opportunities to attend workshops and events in your city that will help you continue to grow closer as a couple.

Called 2 Love

IMAGINE Leadership Summits

IMAGINE Leadership Summits are conferences held across the country with leaders and presenters from all across the world, to come together to imagine a different world where disciples of Jesus are making disciples who are making disciples. These events are filled with impactful general session gatherings, lively worship, engaging workshop tracks, and meaningful relationship building and networking. You will leave these events more equipped to live out the Great Commandment and Great Commission in your sphere of influence.