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 We all need caring connections

A global network empowering people to experience and reproduce great relationships through loving God and others.

How does all of this happen?

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Beyond Chit Chat!

What does it sound like? Here are some interesting questions you can use to enliven any conversation:
  • What is one event in the future that you would like to know the outcome of now? 
  • If you were offered two front row tickets to see any singer or musical group, whose concert would you choose to attend? …

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Called2Love Date Night Event

October 25, 2018
Austin, TX

The Called2Love Comedy Date Night Tour is a 2-hour live event packed with lots humor and hope. Spend the evening laughing with other couples and enriching your marriage. 

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31 Days of Prayer For My Pastor

Prayer for your pastor can change your church, your pastor, and you!
Church members need care, counsel, wisdom, and direction. And people outside the church need the gospel. These demands create unique pressures for every pastor.