Called 2 Love

The Uhlmann Story

Do we really know how to love our spouse?

Learn how to be loving and not fix each other as you go on this joy-filled adventure with Steve and Barbara Uhlmann!

A real story we can all learn from!

Steve and Barbara thought they had it all until Steve retired and Barbara had a severe panic attack and was diagnosed with cancer.  Discover how you can come through crisis and on the other side  end up with a stronger, deeper, more loving and intimate marriage than you ever thought possible!

About the Authors

Steve and Barbara Uhlmann are the founders of, and heartbeat behind the Agape Project,, The Intentional Community, and the Called 2 Love initiative. They have two adult children, six grandchildren, two great grandchildren, and they currently reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

What others are saying

Tim Kimmel

Author of Grace Based Parenting
Steve and Barbara Uhlmann had managed to fool a lot of people—primarily themselves. They had propped up a grand illusion that they were living out a pretty decent love story when all along it wasn't even close. It took a lot of raw honesty and bare-knuckled forgiveness to get there, but they found a love that few couples ever find. Fortunately, their story shows all of us how we can find it too!

John Trent, PhD

The Gary Chapman Chair of Marriage and Family Ministry and Therapy at Moody Theological Seminary
In a culture where relationships are falling apart, Called 2 Love: The Uhlmann story reminds us that it is never too late to build an amazing marriage.

Shannon Ethridge

Coach, speaker, and author of twenty-two books, including best-selling Every Woman's Battle series.
Every hour I invested in this book brought great delight! Steve's and Barbara's insights into marriage and intimacy make me want to stand up and cheer and tell everyone I know about this priceless "work of the heart"! No doubt it will have the same impact on all who are open to learning what it means to recognize and minister to your spouse's deepest needs.

Timothy R. Jennings

Author of Could It Be This Simple? and The God-Shaped Brain
Called 2 Love: The Uhlmann Story is compelling, powerful, and needed. Steve and Barbara have done an incredible job of walking through real-life application of God's plan to heal and restore His people back into His image.

Drs. Les and Leslie Parrott

Authors of Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts
Called 2 Love: The Uhlmann story is a heartfelt revelation told in a genuine attempt to help others make healthy change that brings healing and true intimacy.

Darryl DelHousaye

President of Phoenix Seminary
The book provides a beautiful narrative of how transformational love can change the heart and make all the difference in a marriage.

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