Spirit-empowered Faith

Great Commission living empowered by Great Commandment love can only be accomplished through the work of the Holy Spirit

Church & Individual Assessments

Churches can now assess their congregations around these 40-outcomes of what a Spirit-empowered disciple would look like.

Downloadable Documents

List of 40 Outcomes

Receive a detailed list of all 40 outcomes, their Scripture references, and an overview page explaining the significance of these outcomes in the lives of believers.

Self-Assessment Tool

Receive a self-assessment tool to help you measure these 40 outcomes in your life.  See where you are excelling and where you might have growth areas in your pursuit of  Christ.  This assessment could also be used in a small group or church-wide setting to help assess how the whole group is living these outcomes.

Preaching/Teaching Notes

Receive teaching notes that could be used as small group leader notes, personal study growth, or even sermon outlines.


Loving The Lord

Praying With Jesus

Conversation With God

5 Assumptions About God

Loving The Lord

Cry Out To The Lord

Loving His People

31 Days of Prayer For My Husband & Wife

31 Days of Prayer For My Children

Honor Your Father

Loving His People

Called 2 Love Like Jesus

Called 2 Love: The Uhlmann Story

Called 2 Love: A 40-Day Journey Into Marriage Intimacy

Loving His People

31 Days of Prayer For My Pastor

Extreme Home Makeover

Living His Word

The Experiential Gospel of John

This Is That!

The Unshakable Truth

Living His Mission

Jesus Now

Ignite Your Passion for Jesus

Cry Out To The Lord

Living His Mission

31 Days of Prayer
For My Nation