Conversation With God

"The personal experiences of Pastor Sutton relating to the power of prayer and its impact on his life add an indisputable value to this book. He shares examples of family and others who have influenced his prayer life, which provides us with great insight as to why Pastor Sutton is so committed to this vital subject. It is my sincere hope and prayer that this book will bring each of us into a dramatic awakening of the spiritual life through fervent, effectual, and persistent prayer."

Lamar Vest
Former President and CEO of American Bible Society

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* Special bulk pricing on the book is available to help enable each person to purchase their own copy of the book from the church, group, organizer to help  off-set your cost.

This kit includes:

  • 8 copies of the book, Conversation With God
  • 6 downloadable Conversation With God Teaching Outlines built on the book's content
  • The Spirit-empowered Faith Set:
    • The list of 40 indicators of what a Spirit-Empowered disciple of Christ might look like.
    • A self-assessment tool to help measure these 40 outcomes in your own life.
    • 12 teaching outlines for small group discussions, sermons, or simply continued study and growth.

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