Cry Out 
To The Lord

Let's seek the Lord
Let's Cry Out!

Sometimes it’s for you. Sometimes it’s for a child, your family, or a friend. Sometimes it’s for our nation or a broken world. We’ve all been there: we’ve all felt the need to personally cry out the Lord!

Small Group Kit

The goal of this resource is to help you move beyond seeking to simply know or obey God’s truth and to move toward experiencing it. As we actually experience truth in our relationship with Jesus, He will lead us into a relational faith.
It’s only a relational faith that will reset our walk with God!

What's included?

  • 8 copies of the book, Cry Out To The Lord
  • 4 downloadable Cry Out To The Lord Teaching Outlines built on the books content
  • The Spirit-Empowered Faith Set:
    • The list of 40 indicators of what a Spirit-Empowered disciple of Christ might look like.
    • A self-assessment tool to help measure these 40 outcomes in your own life.
    • 12 teaching outlines for small group discussions, sermons, or simply continued study and growth.

Learn to look up when everything around you is falling apart.

  • Learn how to authentically call out to the Lord in humility and brokenness.
  • Yield fully to the working and empowerment of His Spirit, rather than rely on your own power for spiritual transformation.
  • Enter into bold and believing prayer for yourself, loved ones and the world around you.
  • More deeply embrace the possibilities and calling of co-laboring with Jesus to live out His mission.

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