The Experiential
 Gospel of John

Interested in leading a small group through this material?

Check out this resource kit!

This resource kit includes:

  • 8 copies of The Story of Jesus book for you and your small group. This book is a the Gospel of John told through The Passion Translation that seeks to connect readers with the heart of God.
  • 8 copies of The Experiential Gospel of John workbook
  • The Spirit-Empowered Faith set:
    • A brochure explaining the Spirit-Empowered Faith content;
    • 40 outcomes of a Spirit-Empowered disciple of Jesus;
    • Self-Assessment tool to measure the 40 outcomes in your own life and those in your small group;
    • 12-part teaching notes on the Spirit-Empowered Faith that can be used as sermon guides or leader notes

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